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News and Events
2010-08-06   Support of Dependents
Applicant Failed to Demonstrate that Provisions made by a Deceased for her Proper Support were not Adequate
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2010-08-06   Limitation of Actions
Motion Judge Erred in Failing to Consider the Issue of the $15,000 Statutory Deductible in Determining When Appellent Ought to Have Been Aware She Had a Cause of Action
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2010-08-06   Planning & Land Use
Respondent was not Entitled to Rely on a Prior Legal Non-Conforming Use to Restore a Sunken Cottage Because the Use was Discontinued
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2010-07-09   Deductions
Trial judge should have deducted an advance payment from damages awarded for pecuniary losses
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2010-06-14   Event: HST - The Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax and Your Practice
Presented by the Law Society of Upper Canada
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2010-06-11   Threshold Test - Plaintiff was able to establish that she sustained a permanent serious impairment
Anand v. Belanger [2010]
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2010-05-23   No Fault Changes: Companies wins, drivers lose
Drivers lose with no-fault insurance changes: Shanoff
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2010-05-05   Mystery Over Lakeshore Lions Arena Litigation

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2010-04-30   Court Waiver on Recreational Liability Releases
Decision Restores Ontario's Strict View of Waivers
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2010-04-30   Single Impairment Triggers Catastrophic Designation
No 'overall' Assessment Required
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