Owing money or being owed money puts pressure on servicing credit payments and maintaining a commercial loan or mortgage. The consequences of filing for bankruptcy are quite serious for both the borrower and the lender. Those finding themselves in a position where debt recovery has become an issue should always seek the advice of a specialist commercial debt recovery or insolvency lawyer or solicitor to help assess the available options before moving forward.

At Marc Koplowitz Associates, we have extensive experience providing legal advice in the area of consumer credit, debt recovery and finance and insolvency law.

If you find yourself in the position of considering filing for bankruptcy talk to Marc Koplowitz Associates first.

Bankruptcy is when those who cannot cover debts give up all assets and control of their finances. This can happen by agreement or through a court order, in exchange for protection from further legal action taken by creditors.

At Marc Koplowitz Associates we can advise you about bankruptcy law and filing for bankruptcy or insolvency, and can ease you through this process if it is required with minimal disruption to you.
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